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Abe Taraky

Art Director at People Can Fly

Abe Taraky is an award-winning concept designer and illustrator. His fine arts and animation background enabled him to begin his career over 15 years ago in film and video game production. His contributions have taken him on a journey across projects in the film, game, animation, and advertising industries.

Abe continues to contribute to a number of gallery and solo exhibitions all over Canada and the United States. He is also leading the helm as Art Director at People Can Fly. It is here where you can view the duality in his work, consisting of both fine art and commercial art.

  • Abe is an awesome artist with an impressive array of skills ranging from character design, illustration, and environment concept art to animation, art direction, and writing for TV. That combined with his work ethic and professionalism makes him a creative force in our industry. His workshop is a must-see. Highly recommend it.

    - Fred Rambaud
    Art Director