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Glen Southern

Creative Director/Director at Southern GFX

Glen Southern runs Southern GFX, a UK-based studio specializing in character and creature design with clients including SKY, Roald Dahl, Mackinnon and Saunders, Nike, Sainsbury’s, Adidas, Netflix, Screen Scene, Disney, Lego, Pixologic, and Wacom. He has been using and training artists in ZBrush for over 15 years and is a Wacom Ambassador for the UK and Ireland. More recently, he has been creating in the VR space working with companies like Adobe Medium and now Gravity Sketch in the UK. He and his team at Southern GFX split their time between client projects, training for both corporate clients and in colleges and universities around the UK, as well as presenting cutting-edge digital tools at events around the world. 

  • Glen and his team have been an essential part of our creative team here at SKY for over 10 years now. When we have a 3D model requirement we often go to Glen first and if there is new creative software on the horizon, he is often right there out at the front.

    - Justin’s Bates
    Creative Director VFX, SKY UK

  • Glen is always ahead of the curve. In my near 30 years’ experience as a 3D artist, compositor, and now as an educator, I have not met many people who have the same enthusiasm, knowledge, and craft as Glen. He is always generous with his time — especially with artists at the start of their careers — and he is an altogether nice guy who is passionate about art and life in equal measure.

    - Stephen Lohan
    BAVisComm, MA Isca. Dublin School of Creative Arts, Technological University, Dublin

  • Glen has been integral to these developments as he has vast experience of training in Digital and/or VR as well as working on successful industry projects. In addition to our academic endeavors, Glen has been key in training me to model and sculpt using Gravity Sketch in a virtual environment. He introduced me to the virtual co-creation space, which has been vital in my training during lockdown; Glen offers guidance, support, and feedback on my work, and he does so in an engaging and exciting way. I don’t know of anyone else teaching VR creation tools at this level.

    - Hatana El-Jarn
    Senior Lecturer in Immersive Technology, Liverpool John Moores University