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Pascal Blanché

Art Director, Ubisoft

Pascal Blanché is a French artist, born in Paris in 1971 and raised in the south of France. In 1989 Pascal studied, at Marseille's Fine Art school, traditional art, photography and video, then five years later started his journey in the gaming industry. He moved to Canada in 2000 where he first worked on the French/Canadian movie production ‘Kaena the Prophecy’ before joining Ubisoft. He worked for ten years as Art Director on ‘Myst IV: Revelation’, ‘Naruto: Rise of a Ninja’ and James Cameron's ‘Avatar’ before moving to the UK for two years where he worked for Frontier and Jagex. He is now back at Ubisoft Montreal as Senior Art director. Pascal is revered online for his personal colorful illustrations; inspired by memories of his 80's heroes Moebius, Frazetta, Bisley, Corben and many others. His illustrations have received numerous awards and have been published in books and magazines all around the world.