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Olena Zykova

Freelance Concept Artist

Olena Zykova is a freelance concept artist and 3D character generalist with over a decade of experience in the industry. She specializes in creating characters, props, FX concept art, and 3D clothing assets for characters. She has worked with many companies in various fields, from AAA games and mobile games to TV commercials.

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  • Olena’s eye for style brings elegance and flair to every piece she creates. I've seen her ability to blend aesthetics with unique attention to detail, delivering impactful artwork on every project. Olena’s dedication and passion to her craft make me want to learn from her; I have been curious about her creative process for a long time, and I can’t wait to watch her workshop.

    - Sergio Castaneda
    Senior Environment Concept Artist

  • I have worked with Olena on several projects at Time Based Arts as Creative Director and I could always count on Olena to elevate each project she was helping me with. She is a sharp-eyed concept artist with great taste and is a pleasure to work with. The work involved many rounds of comments and refinement, and Olena was always a great energy to have on the team in that process.

    - Francois Roisin
    Creative Director at Time Based Arts

  • Olena is a very professional, hard-working and enthusiastic artist with a high level of skills and endurance. I worked with her on several projects in the past decade. Not only had she shown exceptional professional ethics but every team she worked in benefited from her easy-going and cheerful personality. She also contributed to students’ education and showed herself to be a kind teacher.

    - Tina Bulba
    Layout Artist