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Kosuke Iwasaki

ADG Generalist at ReDefine

Kosuke Iwasaki began his career as a videographer in Japan, where he was captivated by the potential of visual effects to bring his imagination to life. This eventually led him to ILM, where he evolved from a digital paint artist to a 2D and 3D generalist, contributing to a wide array of films and TV series. 

He currently serves as a real-time generalist in the Advanced Technology Group at ReDefine (DNEG) in Barcelona. In this role, he engages in R&D, creates training materials, and contributes artistically to films and immersive experiences. 

In this ever-changing industry, Kosuke hopes artists will benefit from his Gnomon Workshop training so we can all navigate the exciting landscape of digital creation together!

Follow Kosuke on Instagram @pugmanvfx.

  • I remember when Kosuke started his career at ILM, where his talent was immediately noticed and recognized. He was assigned to work on shots from start to finish, which allowed him to gain a deep understanding of various software and a range of artistic skills. Later on, his love for VFX led him to work on multiple projects, resulting in several wins in VFX competitions over the years. Beyond his technical abilities, Kosuke is a generous mentor and colleague. He is always eager to help and share his profound knowledge with others. Having the opportunity to learn from him is a chance you do not want to miss out on.

    - Charlotte Brancucci
    Compositor at The Embassy VFX

  • Kosuke has been an unwavering pillar of support for the artistic team, not only as an amazing artist but also aiding other artists in mastering a variety of 3D tools, workflows and techniques while sharing his knowledge. His approach makes the learning experience engaging and motivates them to further their expertise and technical skills.

    - Luciano Italo Brasolin
    Lead Real-Time Technical Artist, DNEG