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Joe Peterson

Senior Concept Artist at Bonfire Studios

Joe Peterson is a senior concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment, with over 9 years of experience in the field. For most of that time he has worked in the Blizzard Cinematics department, contributing to various character, set, and hardware designs. Prior to working at Blizzard, Joe worked at Red 5 Studios during the early stages of their online shooter project, where he helped develop a visual style for the game's sci-fi look.

  • "I know few artists who are not only extremely talented but also passionate about what they do and are constantly pushing themselves. Joe Peterson is definitely one of them. I had the pleasure to work with Joe on many projects and I was very fortunate to able to exchange processes, techniques and knowledge in general which I truly believe has made me a better artist."

    - Fausto De Martini
    Freelance Digital Designer