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Ali Pournassari

Senior Gameplay Animator

Ali Pournassari’s animation career has spanned the last decade, taking him on a journey through various facets of the industry. He’s had the privilege of contributing to a wide array of projects, spanning from VFX to feature films and games. His experience has embraced a spectrum of styles, ranging from cartoony to realistic, while always focusing on the art of bringing characters and worlds to life. Every opportunity to learn and grow in the world of animation has been a cherished one, igniting Ali’s continued passion for the craft. He looks forward to sharing his insights and knowledge with others as they embark on their creative endeavors.

Ali currently works as a Senior Gameplay Animator at Treyarch. Follow Ali on Instagram @creavogames and on X (formerly Twitter) @AliPournassari.

  • Ali is an animator with vast experience in the arenas of feature film, VFX, as well as game development. Ali's skill set centers around character animation of various styles, amongst other merits of communication and collaboration. Through a passion for teaching, he serves to deliver the wealth of knowledge he's accrued throughout his prosperous career.

    - Dave Blais
    Senior Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios

  • Ali is an excellent character animator and an experienced professional, having worked for many years in feature films and games. Whilst being a talented artist and a skilled communicator, his personable and generous nature makes him uniquely skilled as a teacher.

    - Nicholas Georgeou
    Senior Animator at Jellyfish Pictures

  • I wholeheartedly recommend Ali Pournassari for any animation-related project or position. He is an exceptional talent in the field of animation, consistently delivering outstanding work with a strong work ethic. His passion for animation is evident in the exceptional results he is consistently producing.

    - Richard A. Forero Dominguez
    Senior Animator at Frame Machine